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We envision health and wellness as a holistic endeavor. Achieving better health requires a team effort, not just for individuals but for the entire community. At Ark Health Collective, we are that team, working together to bring about positive change and improved health outcomes.

Doctor and Patient


Family Physicians

Location: 1st Floor

Dr. Kendra Gilmore*

Dr. Stephanie Ward *

To Book an Appointment call: 

Phone: 506.433.2300

Fax: 506.433.2320

*Not currently accepting new patients


A multidisciplinary health care team working together to provide comprehensive patient care. By working together, our team can provide the best possible care for the patient, addressing all aspects of their health.

Services Available:

- Physiotherapy

- Athletic Therapy

- Massage Therapy

- Chiropractic

- Occupational Therapy

- Mental Health Services

- Dietetics

To book an appointment:


call 506.560.0701


ARK2023-10-020004 (1).jpg


A pharmacy dedicated not only to excellent customer service, but also to building strong relationships so you can trust that your health is in the right hands. We provide injections, medication reviews, and prescribing for minor ailments.

Phone: (506) 433-3008


Being passionate about sleep means we know the importance of full-body health. It’s why our clinics work with physicians, respiratory therapists, sleep technicians, and mental health counsellors. With our team of experts, you can sleep easy knowing all our clinics are set up to give you a personalized, holistic, better-sleep experience.

Phone: 506-560-1564

Fax: 506-389-6650


Clinic Hours

Monday to Thursday 8:00 am – 4:00 pm

Friday  8:00 am – 2:00 pm



Everything Starts With A Smile.

Dentistry should be so much more than a cleaning, an exam and fillings.  At Luxe, we create a remarkable approach to dentistry with passionate, collaborative professionals, who value the creation of a luxury patient experience, focusing on health, function and beauty. Our appointments are designed to create a relaxing comfortable vibe, using state of the art digital technology and modern techniques. 

Phone: 506.634.6000



Nature & Nurture Counselling

Meet Robyn, Licensed Counseling Therapist, at Nature and Nurture Counseling Therapy .

For as long as I can remember, I’ve felt a desire and need to understand and connect with others. I love learning about humans: their thoughts, emotions, hopes, fears, and dreams.

If you’re looking to add some emotional intimacy to your life, I would be honored to help support this! I offer traditional individual talk therapy sessions,


Walk and Talk therapy sessions, EMDR, and virtual sessions.


To book an appointment:



Community Based Sexual Violence Services

Providing support to survivors and bringing an end to sexual violence in our community.

(UNDER DEVELOPMENT - no services currently available)

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